Software Documentation


maskdef ()

fitHI ()

Using lmfit to fit a one component model to the absorber

_read_atom_dat ()

Reads atom.dat file from VPfit into numpy array of strings.

_get_transition_info ([transition])

Collects info on the transition.

residual (voigtparams, wavelengths[, flux, error])

Function to use with lmfit.

fitlinear (x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, …)


press (event)

llsearch ()

plottrans ()

selreg (event, action)

spidx (event)


DLAPlot.llplot (fig[, vmin, vmax, Ncol, Nplot])

Plot the spectrum region where the Lyman-limit is detected

DLAPlot.specplot (fig[, Ncol, Nplot])

Plot the spectrum region from the detected Lyman-limit to the detected Lyman-alpha

DLAPlot.Hplot (fig, Ntrans[, vmin, vmax, …])

Plot the HI lines

DLAPlot.metalplot (fig, Ntrans[, vmin, vmax, …])

Plot the HI lines

wholespec ()

Plot the spectrum region from the detected Lyman-limit to the detected Lyman-alpha


llfind (istart, iend)

findsatreg ()

Look for Lyman alpha signature of DLA type systems by looking for wide velocity absorption.

getbestz ()

For all HI transitions available in the spectrum, measure the velocity dispersion, and re-estimate the redshift in the closest redshift range available.

getparam ()

Determine the column density and Doppler parameter of the DLA by locate precisely the wings of the Lyman alpha.


llhist (data, binning, output, fit, xlimits)

Distribution of calculated apparent shift of Lyman limit break.

metalplots (data[, fname, metals])

Scatter plot of metals.

multiplots ()

Various multiplots.

llregions ()

Plot of Lyman limit region for all systems in log file.


readspec ()

Read quasar spectrum.

update ()

Update existing log file with new results.

equiwidth ()

Determine the absorption equivalent width around metal lines within the DLA velocity dispersion.

fraction ()

Determine the fraction of pixels with absorption around metal lines CHECK OUT THE DEFINITION OF DELTAV in,better described here .

snrestimator ()

Estimate signal-to-noise ratio from spectrum.


voigtslow (a, u)

Calculate the voigt function H(a,u).

voigt (a, u)

Compute the Voigt function.

p_voigt (n, b, wave, lambdao, gamma, f)